On Sunday in Salzburg, breeds from the final three Groups – FCI Group 2, Pinschers and Schnauzers, Molossoids and Swiss Mountain Dogs; Group 4, Dachshunds; and Group 6, Scenthounds and Related Breeds – completed the breed judging for the 2012 World Show.

Best in Show at the 2012 World Dog Show in Salzburg, Austria under judge Hans Müller of Switzerland, Saluki Shiraz California Dreamin’, owned by Nicklas Eriksson. Photo Karl Donvil.

It was another sunny day, and fortunately there were no casualties as the day before. Almost constant announcements over the intercom warned owners of the danger of leaving dogs unattended in parked cars. A team of inspectors went around all day long to check the cars, and I can assure you they were busy. Inside the halls it was bearable and even pretty cool, but outside there were also rings with large tents and, according to what I heard from the judges, it was pretty hot under them.

I spoke with some commercial stand holders to find out if they were pleased. They told me they’ve had better shows before, but this one was far from a disappointment.

At 3 o’clock in the main ring, the program began with several protocol ceremonies that made for a rather long day leading up to Best In Show and Best Junior In Show. Again things went smoothly and pretty much on time. Of the three Groups judged on Sunday, I especially enjoyed watching Group 6. It is the largest of the FCI groups, but at most shows the diversity of breeds is under represented. At big shows such as the World and European Show, however, you’re given the opportunity to see some very rare breeds. Have you ever seen a Segugio Italiano, a Brandlbracke, an Alpenlandische Dachsbracke, or a Tiroler Bracke? This Group has over 60 different breeds!

The World Championship Junior Handling competition was also held on Sunday prior to the judging of the World Best Junior in Show and, of course, the Best in Show World Winner.

A flag ceremony handed the FCI flag over to next year’s host country, Hungary. Traditional Hungarian singing and dancing preceded the ceremony. It is always a pleasure to see this kind of celebration and it is hoped that the Hungarian Kennel Club is able to organize in time for next year’s show.

Then it was time for the finals, starting with the Best Junior in Show.  Only nine dogs were present for the final competition, as the winner of Group 10 did not return. The judge was Mrs. Ganami Kertes from Israel who selected as her Junior Best in Show winner the Black Toy Poodle Shantaram Hands Off, owned by Guilani Alessandra. Reserve Junior Best in Show went to the Pointer Weimpont Keep Smilin’, bred and owned by Edwin and Kristina Lenaerts from Belgium.

Mr. Hans Müller, President of the FCI for many years, awarded this year’s Best In Show. All Group winners were present this time and the competition was very high. The public had its favorites, of course, as each dog exhibited its spectacular movement. When the dogs were moved one last time around the big main ring, the applause raised to a climax when the Saluki showed up.

For Best in Show, Mr. Mûller had to admit that the Saluki was not only the favorite of the public, but the beautifully moving sighthound was his favorite as well. Shiraz California Dreamin’ came from Sweden and won the group at previous World and European Shows. He is owned by Nicklas Eriksson.

Mr. Müller’s choice for Reserve Best in Show went to the Welsh Corgi Andovol Pinkerton, a famous multi-champion from Russia, owned by Olga Shilova.

Saluki Shiraz California Dreamin' on his way to Best in Show. Photo Karl Donvil.

Best in Show this year was a dog that over the past few years has become known around much of the world. Bred in California by Mike and Elena Edwards and Valerie Nunes-Atkinson, Saluki Shiraz California Dreamin’ topped this year’s World Show under judge Hans Müller of Switzerland.

‘Harley,’ by Int. Nord. Am. Ch. Baghdad Globetrotter out of Am. Ch. Enchanted Shiraz Dreamcatcher and born May 15, 2006, went to live in Scandinavia as a stud puppy after Mike, Elena and Valerie bred their bitch with 10-year-old frozen semen from Globetrotter. Seven puppies resulted, and Harley was the pick of ‘Trotter’s’ owners, Nicklas and Ingunn Eriksson of the Qirmizi Salukis in Grästorp, Sweden. From the beginning of his show career it was evident that he would be a winner.

At barely two years of age in 2008 he became the Number 1 Saluki, Number 1 Hound and Number 2 among all breeds in Sweden. The following year he reached the pinnacle of Number 1 of all breeds. In December of that year he came to the United States to represent Sweden in the Eukanuba World Challenge, and in competition with top dogs from all over the world was Runner-Up to the World Challenge winner under judge Frank Sabella.

Harley has won awards in major competition all over Europe and Scandinavia, as well as in the U.S. He is now contributing to the Qirmizi Salukis as a sire.

Reserve Best in Show went to Pembroke Welsh Corgi Andvol Pinkerton, another dog that has been seen in American rings. He was bred in Russia by Marina Volkova, and in 2010 represented Russia in the Eukanuba World Challenge in Long Beach, Calif., and was a finalist in his division under judge Desi Murphy. Owned by Olga Shuvalova, the Corgi has won Best in Shows and Reserve Best in Shows all over Europe, including BIS at the International Dog Show in Moscow in March 2010 under 2012 Crufts Best in Show judge Frank Kane.

Best Junior in Show, under judge Ganami Kertes of Isreal , went to Black Toy Poodle Shantaram Hands Off , bred and owned in Italy by  Alessandra Guiliania of Rome. Much of the Shantaram breeding goes back to black Toy Poodle lines in America, including Laurelbury, Foxmore and Sharbelle. Reserve Best Junior in Show was awarded to Pointer Weimpoint Keep Smilin’, bred and owned in Belgium by Edwin and Kristina Lenaerts. —CM

Main Ring Results – World Dog Show 2012
Sunday, May 20, 2012

Judge Hans Müller, Switzerland
Saluki Shiraz California Dreamin’

Best in Show, Saluki Shiraz California Dreamin’, owned by Nicklas Eriksson. Photo Karl Donvil.

Reserve Best in Show
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Andvol Pinkerton

Reserve Best in Show, Pembroke Welsh Corgi Andvol Pinkerton, owned by Olga Shilova. Photo Karl Donvil.

Judge Agnes Ganami Kertes, Isreal
Black Toy Poodle Shantaram Hands Off

Best Junior in Show, Black Toy Poodle Shantaram Hands Off, owned by Alessandra Guiliani. Photo Karl Donvil.

Reserve Best Junior in Show
Pointer Weimpoint Keep Smilin’

Reserve Best Junior in Show, Pointer Weimpoint Keep Smilin’, owned by Edwin and Kristina Lenaerts. Photo Karl Donvil.

Sunday’s Groups

Best Puppy
Judge Petru Muntean, Romania
1st Black Russian Terrier Menaluna Hystory in Black
Owned by Jennifer Bem
2nd Wirehaired Rabbit Dachshund Hickstead Del Wanhelsing
Owned by Gabriel Pascarella
3rd Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Kan Trace All I Do is Win
Owned by Natalija Radovanovic Kalecak

Best Puppy on Day 3, Black Russian Terrier Menaluna Hystory in Black, owned by Jennifer Bem. Photo Karl Donvil.

Best Veteran
Judge Stefan Sinko, Slovenia
1st Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Sennenhund Rossii Akella
Owned by Andrey Klishas
2nd Great Pyrenees Chenespace Insigne
Owned by Tuulia and Juulia Salonen andTuulikki Tammiala-Salonen
3rd Miniature Smooth Dachshund Formula Uspeha Greatest Hit
Owned by A.A. Nikitin

Best Veteran on Day 3, Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Sennenhund Rossii Akella, owned by Andrey Klishas. Photo Karl Donvil.

Best Brace or Pair
Judge Stefan Stefik, Slovakia
1st Salt and Pepper Schnauzers owned by Monika Skok
2nd Miniature Dachshunds Smooth owned by A.A. Nikitin
3rd Small Bernese Hounds owned by Ivana Herianova

Best Brace or Pair on Day 3, Salt and Pepper Schnauzers, owned by Monika Skok. Photo Karl Donvil.

Breeders Group
Judge Otto Schimpf, Austria
1st Newfoundlands – Kennel Name Starry Town
Bred by Maurizio Mauro
2nd Miniature Smooth Dachshunds – Kennel Name Mokko
Owned by A.A. Nikitin
3rd Bernese Mountain Dogs – Kennel Name Starry Town
Maurizio Mauro and Gabriele Guidi

Best Breeders Group on Day 3, Newfoundlands, bred by Maurizio Mauro. Photo Karl Donvil.

FCI Group II – Pinschers and Schnauzers, Molossoids and Swiss Mountain Dogs

Best of Group
Judge Hiroshi Kamisato, Japan
1st Newfoundland Starry Town Bon Prin
Owned by Maurizio Mauro
2nd Affenpinscher Pramada N Coachlight’s Naughty Nestor
Owned by Fernandez Araceli
3rd Schnauzer Pepper and Salt Top Target Chizar
Owned by N.O. Sviridova

Best of Group 2, Newfoundland Starry Town Bon Prin, owned by Maurizio Mauro. Photo Karl Donvil.

Best Junior Group
Judge Hans Wiblishauser, Germany
1st Schnauzer Pepper and Salt Skippy Saltus Ze Zahrabske
Owned by Monika Skok
2nd Black Russian Terrier Oskar Yablunevyi Tsvit
Owned by Irina Yablonka
3rd Bernese Mountain Dog Starry Town For a Smile
Owned by Maurizio Mauro and Guidi Gabriele

FCI Group IV – Dachshunds

Best of Group
Judge Claudio de Guiliani, Italy
1st Standard Smooth Dachshund Norden Liht Unkas
Owned by A.S. Krylova
2nd Miniature Longhaired Dachshund Heatwave Heaven Sent
Owned by Fanny Hellström
3rd Miniature Wirehaired Dachshund Alpheratz Just Do It
Owned by Enrique Boza

Best of Group 4, Standard Smooth Dachshund Norden Liht Unkas, owned by A.S. Krylova. Photo Karl Donvil.

Best Junior Group
Judge Heliane Maissen-Jarisch, Austria
1st Standard Smooth Dachshund Emdash Admire
Owned by Alexander Tatarov
2nd Standard Wirehaired Dachshund Ex Sentia Gone With the Wind
Owned by Elena Ananyeva
3rd Miniature Longhaired Dachshund Samurai Vom Margelchopf
Owned by Doris Vetsch

FCI Group VI – Scenthounds

Best of Group
Judge Milivoje Urosevic, Serbia
1st Basset Fauve de Bretagne Shiroblam First Slip
Owned by Elisabeth Strömberg
2nd Polish Hunting Dog Brylant Klusujaca Sfora
Owned by Aleksandra Cieplak
3rd Rhodesian Ridgeback Makao Line Atuin Art
Owned by A. Ovchinnikov

Best of Group 6, Basset Fauve de Bretagne Shiroblam First Slip, owned by Elisabeth Strömberg. Photo Karl Donvil.

Best Junior Group
Judge Karl Reisinger, Austria
1st Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Irma Podkoldernik Jadowity
Owned by I. Antipova
2nd Dalmatian Lots of Spots Bruce the Boss
Owned by Pia Jensen
3rd Griffon Fauve de Bretagne Minskuhoff’s Griffon Qadir
Owned by Petra Penttone