Four Groups were scheduled for Day One, Friday, May 18, 2012, at the World Show: Group 3, the Terriers; Group 7; the Hunting Dogs; Group 8, the Waterdogs; and Group 10, the Sighthounds.

Merchandise with the World Show 2012 logo was for sale on Day One. Photo Karl Donvil.

The first day of the World Show always involves getting used to everything. Most of the setup at this year’s show was very promising and well-arranged. Since the last big event in Vienna, there has been a huge improvement with regard to organization. Unfortunately, certain things over which the Austrian Kennel Club has no control turned into a real horror for the exhibitors. Despite the fact that the Kennel Club warned the police authorities many times about the thousands of cars that would arrive around the same time, they would not listen. The result was that a lot of exhibitors were in queue for hours to reach the halls.

Fortunately the weather helped a lot to bring back everyone’s good mood.

The halls were pleasantly calm and large enough for big rings and easy maneuvering. The trade stand holders were happy too, and we can hope it will stay that way. With some luck and fewer traffic jams, Saturday will look even more promising.

Heelwork to Music was part of the Day One presentation. Photo Karl Donvil.

The Groups took place in the Salzburg Arena, a perfect spot for the finals. The layout was kept simple, but efficient, with judges on one side, a podium in front, the dogs coming in on the side opposite the winners’ podium, and stairs for the public all around. For members of the press, it was a joy to work.

Tomorrow I will report on improvements and changes to the general show layout.

Below are the results from the main ring for Day One. Note that for each of the four Groups competing today, there was the regular Group judging as well as a Junior Group, and for all of the breeds judged today, there was competition for Best Puppy, Best Veteran, Best Brace and Breeders Groups. This last is for groups of dogs all bred by one person. Each breeder’s group of dogs is judged on overall merit compared to the other breeders’ groups of dogs.

Main Ring Results – World Dog Show 2012
Friday, May 18, 2012

Best Puppy
Judge Gerard Jipping, the Netherlands
1st: Golden Retriever Center of My Life Iz Doliny Soln
Owned by Sergey Ivanyukov
2nd: Portuguese Water Dog Sweet Obsession The One I Love
Owned by Sladana Kocifaj and Svetozar Egic
3rd: Miniature Bull Terrier Famous Star Extazy
Owned by Yulia Arefieva

Best Puppy on Day One, Golden Retriever Center of My Life Iz Doliny Soln. Photo Karl Donvil.

Best Veteran
Judge Sigrid Jarmer, Austria
1st: Irish Setter American Dollar Z Arislandu
Owned by Jadwiga Konkiel
2nd: Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Piero
Owned by Di Casa Toller Kennel
3rd: Afghan Hound Neliapilan Kuutamokeikka
Owned by Eija Pahtakari

Best Veteran on Day One, Irish Setter American Dollar Z Arislandu, owned by Jadwiga Konkiel. Photo Karl Donvil.

Best Brace or Pair
Judge Marija Kavcic, Slovenia
1st: Wire Fox Terriers owned by Svetlana Levina
2nd: Greyhounds owned by Nunzio Campostrini
3rd: Weimaraners owned by Dario Raimondi Cominesi

Breeders Group
Judge Giulio Bezzecchi, Italy
1st: Salukis – Kennel Name Badavie
Bred by Anette Nihlen
2nd: Yorkshire Terriers – Kennel Name Bohemia Platina
Bred by Ingrid Dedkova
3rd: Vizslas – Kennel Name Of Skyrocket
Bred by Nikoletta Varga

Best Breeders Group on Day One, Salukis from the Badavie Kennel. Photo Karl Donvil.

FCI Group 3 – Terrier

Best of Group
Judge Paul Stanton, Sweden
1st: American Staffordshire Terrier Don King of Ring’s
Owned by Natalija Zeljic
2nd: Kerry Blue Terrier Avalanche Eire-Kerry Cezaria Evora
Owned by N.V. Fedoseeva
3rd: Yorkshire Terrier Hocus Pocus Wild Fantasy
Owned by Nanta Tansacha

Best of Group 3, American Staffordshire Terrier Don King of Ring’s, owned by Natalija Zeljic. Photo Karl Donvil.

Best Junior Group
Judge Kari Järvinnen, Finland
1st: Kerry Blue Terrier Bell Bolari Breezeban Up and Go
Owned by I. Pechertisa
2nd: Scottish Terrier Magic Night Long Life
Owned by Galina Denisova
3rd: Bedlington Terrier Bla Skuggans Make My Day
Owned by Anne-Marie Lyberg

FCI Group 7 – Pointers and Setters

Best of Group
Judge Horst Kliebenstein, Germany
1st: Weimaraner Grey Classic’s Ipanema Girl
Owned by Edwin and Kristina Lenaerts
2nd: Pointer Weimpoint Keep Smilin’
Owned by Edwin and Kristina Lenaerts
3rd: Vizsla Pospataki-Drotos Lili
Owned by Istvan Zsedenyi

Best of Group 7, Weimaraner Grey Classic’s Ipanema Girl, owned by Edwin and Kristina Lenaerts. Photo Karl Donvil.

Best Junior Group
Judge Monika Blaha, Austria
1st: Pointer Weimpoint Keep Smilin’
Owned by Edwin and Kristina Lenaerts
2nd: Irish Setter Caemgen’s Desert Sandstorm
Owned by Noguera Antonio Lopez
3rd: German Shorthaired Pointer Rugdelias SGZ Zappa
Owned by Johanne Strom Solveig

FCI Group 8 – Retrievers, Flushing Dogs and Water Dogs

Best of Group
Judge Damir Skok, Croatia
1st: English Springer Spaniel Linmoor Zimply Zalient
Owned by Katarzyna Ksiazek
2nd: Portuguese Waterdog Light My Fire Da Pedra Da Anixa
Owned by Laura Browne
3rd: Clumber Spaniel Big Boom’s Banditos Dex
Owned by Lana Levai

Best of Group 8, English Springer Spaniel Linmoor Zimply Zalient, owned by Katarzyna Ksiazek. Photo Karl Donvil.

Best Junior Group
Judge Peter Beyersdorf, Germany
1st: English Springer Spaniel Sieger’s Match Point
Owned by Alberto Abajo
2nd: Clumber Spaniel Big Boom’s Banditos Dex
Owned by Lana Levai
3rd: Flat-Coated Retriever Fritzie vom Wildförstersee
Owned by Anna-Victoria Schmidt

FCI Group 10 – Sighthounds

Best of Group
Judge Rafael de Santiago, Puerto Rico
1st: Saluki Shiraz California Dreamin’
Owned by Nicklas Eriksson
2nd: Afghan Hound Agha Djari’s Unplugged Version
Owned by Bauss, Boieck, Franz and Tell
3rd: Whippet Rivarco The Dancing Queen
Owned by Maria Elisa Vitali

Best of Group 10, Saluki Shiraz California Dreamin’, owned by Nicklas Eriksson. Photo Karl Donvil.

Best Junior Group
Judge Lisbeth Mach, Switzerland
1st: Greyhound Fionn Clann Delwyn Drew
Owned by Maria Sheina
2nd: Afghan Hound Tells Makes People Talk
Owned by Marie-Louise Collinge Tell
3rd: Azawakh El-Adini Adiza
Owned by Ines Blix