Saturday promised to be another long day at the World Show with three Groups to go: the Hounds and Scenthounds which is Group 6, the Pointing dogs, Group 7, and the Companion Dogs, which is Group 9. This is a most interesting day, as Group 6 has a lot of rare breeds and even in Group 7 there are some very special ones.

There were 4,297 dogs in the running on day three. And because it was also the day of the Eukanuba selection, more time was needed, and therefore the main ring started rather early in the afternoon. No problems again on this day and as it was a Saturday there were a lot of visitors, and the trade stand holders were finally having a big smile. They were situated mainly in the hall of the main ring where no judging but the finals take place, and that is not such an ideal position, especially when the weather is nice and people prefer to stay out in the sunshine.

The main ring at the Hungexpo in Budapest is large enough to accommodate the dogs while affording judges, the public and the press ample room to watch the proceedings. All photos by Karl Donvil.

The main ring at the Hungexpo in Budapest is large enough to accommodate the dogs while affording judges, the public and the press ample room to watch the proceedings. All photos by Karl Donvil.

The main ring is large enough with one side bordering the Eukanuba stand. The left side was reserved for the judges and the press, while on both other sides large bleachers were placed for the public, but even that was not enough room for all to sit. It was not the most spectacular main ring maybe, but everything was there. The security around the ring was efficient, and the stewards did a good job. And the press was given space enough to take a proper shot of every winner. There was no podium, and the dogs were only lined up. Most handlers prefer this, as the dogs are much more at ease that way.

There were not such big numbers to be found on day three, but a lot of most interesting and rare breeds. The highest entry breed was the French Bulldog, with 229 specimens. The Beagle was almost as popular with 211 entries. Ridgebacks were also popular with 145 entries, as were the Weimaraners with 145 dogs in this show. Of course, the Magyar Vizsla had a nice entry, as it is probably the best-known Hungarian breed. The Rough-haired had 70 specimens and the smooth variety, 157. The Irish Setter scored well with 102 entries. In Group 9, we find the Pug as a good competitor in popularity as the Frenchie, with 180 of them, and the Chinese Crested came close with 178. Both varieties together with the Chihuahua werer on top with 154 Smooths and 158 Long-haireds, or 312 all together, and if I take all Poodle varieties together we finish with 354.

To sum up all the rare breeds would take me a long time, but when you see a Poitevin, you automatically say, “Wow!” A Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen is maybe not so spectacular, but it is very rare compared to its little brothers, the Petit Basset Griffon Vendéens.

On Sunday we have Group 1, Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs; Group 8, the Retrievers and Waterdogs; and Group 10, the Sighthounds, followed by Best in Show. I know that we can expect strong competition.

Karl Donvil lives in Belgium, where he is a freelance photographer and reporter specializing in dogs. He founded the World Dog Press Association in 2001 and is the current CEO. He is a member of the editorial board of the FCI newsletter and covers shows throughout Europe, including Crufts and the World Dog Show.

Main Ring Results – World Dog Show 2013
Saturday, May 18, 2013

Group 6 – Scenthounds
Judge Rui Oliveira, Portugal
1st: Rhodesian Ridgeback Faira Arif Kamilifu, owned by Angelina Evmenova, Russia
2nd: Beagle Szephegyi Szimat Virgonc, owned by Maria Semenova, Russia
3rd: Basset Artesien Normand Fricassee De Lapin Da Terra Quente, owned by Pedro Antonio Ribeiro Café, Portugal
4th: Dalmatian Dalmino Voodoo Vision, owned by Zeljka and Mihael Harper-Drazic, Croatia

Junior Group 6 – Scenthounds
Judge Stelios Makaritis, Greece
1st: Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen Around Quite Special, owned by Annika Löfgren, Sweden
2nd: Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen Hocus Pocus Van Tum-Tum’s Vriendjes, owned by G. M. Huikeshoven, Netherlands
3rd: Dalmatian Araidan Naurava Kulkuri, owned by Mia Wallenius, Finland
4th: Basset Fauve De Bretagne Shiroblam Beau Vester, owned by P.A. Turton, U.K.

Group 7 – Pointers and Setters
Judge Hans Van Den Berg, Netherlands
1st: Gordon Setter Goango Black Booms, owned by Minna Malo, Finland
2nd: Pointer Wilchrimane Ice Maiden, owned by Annette Siddle, U.K.
3rd: Bracco Italiano Sobers Atticus, owned by Bitte Ahrens Primavera and Pierluigi Primavera, Italy
4th: Weimaraner Casa De Juno Amazin Grace, owned by Joao and Rute Soares, Portugal

Junior Group 7 – Pointers and Setters
Judge Miguel Angel Martinez, Argentina
1st: Wire-Haired Vizsla Zöldmáli Olivér, owned by Dorottya Kiss-Bartos, Hungary (also Junior Best of Day Winner)
2nd: Weimaraner The Golden Ring Carski Trakt, owned by N. Kostina, Russia
3rd: Spinone Italiano Stannamore Genroso Fred Junior, owned by Annette Wijnsouw, Poland
4th: Gordon Setter Ludstar Frederick Frankenstein, owned by Ludovica Salomon, Italy

Group 9 – Companion and Toy Dogs
Judge C. V. Sudarsan, India
1st: Lhasa Apso Chic Choix Cleopatra Eurydice, owned by Sanna Kopola-Hirsimaki, Finland
2nd: Black Toy Poodle Smash JP Winner Take It All, owned by Akiko Owada, Japan
3rd: Pekingese Will I Am At Stsanja, owned by N. Romanyuk, Russia
4th: Pug Tangetoppens Mysterious Ihle Grande, owned by Carina Glassér-Pohl, Sweden

Junior Group 9 – Companion and Toy Dogs
Judge Lisbeth Mach, Switzerland
1st: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Dan Zlodziejska Zgraja, owned by Hsm Korkus, Poland
2nd: Pekingese Sunrise Dragon Step To Glory, owned by G. Ilchenko, Russia
3rd: Black Miniature Poodle Blackmore Hypnose, owned by Marie Laure Breviere, France
4th: Maltese Sunn De Lion Usten Haver, owned by I. Lobanova, Russia