Day Two of the 2012 World Show brought judging of three of the 10 FCI Groups: Group 1, Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Mountain Dogs); Group 5, Spitz and Primitive Types; and Group 9, Companion and Toy Dogs.

The weather suddenly turned warm, which was the only big problem the show committee had to cope with. Not that inside it was unbearable, but several people did leave their dogs in parked cars. Many people reported this and numerous announcements were made over the intercom, but a Sarplanac died in one car, while another dog died after it ran under a car after being surprised by fireworks. This can happen anywhere of course, but I feel sorry for the organization, as they really don’t deserve the negative publicity. The committee has done such a fantastic job to make this event a success; it is unfortunate that some people’s thoughtlessness can ruin their efforts.

An Australian Shepherd beats the heat with a little dock diving. Photo Karl Donvil.

There were a few highlights yesterday. In between the main ring program, we had a few nice intermezzos from a fantastic Italian opera singer. What could one expect in the birth town of Mozart?

The second highlight was the visit of Mrs. Fiona Swarovski, of the famous crystal empire, who offered a cup and collar to the winner of the Couples (or Pairs). She gave a very warm speech, begging people to love not only purebred dogs, but to do good for all dogs. She supports a dog shelter and has adopted several dogs herself. She’s a great lady with her heart in the right place.

I myself had troubles with my computer, but I’m happy to bring you the results from the second day of the World Dog Show.

The Companion and Toy dogs competing in the main ring. Photo Karl Donvil.

From the Editor

Of interest to Americans, former AKC Chairman of the Board Ron Menaker was the judge for last night’s Best Puppy competition in the main ring, which he awarded to the Lhasa Apso puppy Ti La Shu Paparazzi, bred and owned in Germany by Katja and Sabine Rauhut.

North America was well-represented on Saturday. The Breeders Group was won by Canadian Kim Leblanc of Snowmist Siberian Huskies. One of her dogs, Snowmist’s Quicksilver Speigas, went on to win Group First in FCI Group V.

The Companion and Toy Dog Group was also won by a North American, the black Standard Poodle Am. Ch. Aleph American Idol, bred in the U.S. by Betty Brown of Donnchada Standard Poodles with Jacquelyn Cohen, owned by Betty and Paula Morgan and handled to many of his wins by Charlotte Sandell of the well-known Huffish kennel in Sweden. This dog was Best of Opposite Sex at Poodle Club of America just a few weeks ago and is a grandson of the all-time top Non-Sporting sire in the United States, Ch. King’s Champagne Taste.

Border Collie multi-Ch. Tonkory Valley of the Storm was Best Veteran on Saturday. Owned by the Smit family in the Netherlands, ‘Storm’ has won numerous Best Veteran and Best Veteran in Show awards in the past year and a half. He was a winner all over the world as a younger dog. He holds 16 titles, including championships in the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Germany, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland and Ireland. — CM

Main Ring Results – World Dog Show 2012
Saturday, May 19, 2012

Best Puppy
Judge Ron Menaker, USA
1st: Lhasa Apso Ti La Shu Paparazzi
Owned by Katja and Sabine Rauhut
2nd: Bearded Collie Oops I Did It Again Del Cuore Impavido
Owned by Olga Klimova
3rd: Akita Redwitch Can’t Deny It
Owned by Maria Viktoria Patzold


Best Puppy on Day Two, Lhasa Apso Ti La Shu Paparazzi, owned by Katia and Sabine Rauhut. Photo Karl Donvil.

Best Veteran

Judge Miroslav Zidar, Slovenia
1st: Border Collie Tonkory Valley of the Storm
Owned by Sabrina Smit
2nd: Black Toy Poodle Caspian Line’s Blue Baykal
Owned by Natascha Kolbe
3rd: Briard Tamburell Des Uns Et Des Autres
Owned by Alfonso Velardi

Best Veteran on Day Two, Border Collie Tonkory Valley of the Storm, owned by Sabrina Smit. Photo Karl Donvil.

Best Brace or Pair

Judge Andras Korozs, Hungary
1st: Lhasa Apsos owned by Sanna Kopola
2nd: Alaskan Malamutes owned by Giuseppe Biagiotti
3rd: Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dogs owned by Diana Simutiu


Best Brace or Pair on Day Two, Lhasa Apsos, owned by Sanna Kopola. Photo Karl Donvil.

Breeders Group

Judge Jorgen Hindse, Denmark
1st: Siberian Huskies – Kennel Name Snowmist
Bred by Kim Leblanc
2nd: Samoyeds – Kennel Name Cabaka
Bred by Gitte Morell and Kim Jensen
3rd: German Shepherds – Kennel Name Vom Leithawald
Bred by Erich Ehrenhofer

FCI Group 1 – Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs, except Swiss Cattle Dogs

Best of Group
Judge Tamas Jakkel, Hungary
1st: Pembroke Welsh Corgi Andvol Pinkerton
Owned by Olga Shilova
2nd: Puli Cordmaker Hurdy Gurdy
Owned by Bodil Rüsz
3rd: Border Collie Jumpingriver
Owned by Jumping River

Best Junior Group
Judge Erwin Deutscher, Austria
1st: Old English Sheepdog Bottom Shaker So Easy To Love
Owned by Jozsef Koroknai
2nd: Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog Guardian Angel Apuseni
Owned by Diana Simutiu
3rd: White Swiss Shepherd Joyful White Angel’s Amadeus
Owned by Gea Piek

FCI Group 5 – Spitz and Primitive Types

Best of Group
Judge Hans van den Berg, the Netherlands
1st: Siberian Husky Snowmist’s Quicksilver Speigas
Owned by Kim Leblanc
2nd: Thai Ridgeback Siam Grand Daeng-Nakorn by D-D-P
Owned by Elena Formanchuk
3rd: Norwegian Lundehund Frontpage Frey
Owned by Karin Schulz

Best of Group 5, Siberian Husky Snowmist’s Quicksilver Speigas, owned by Kim Leblanc. Photo Karl Donvil.

Best Junior Group

Judge Phullis Poduschka-Aigner, Austria
1st: Basenji Justine Ekibondo
Owned by Dandongpei Allevamento
2nd: Siberian Husky Asti Dog House Silver Bell
Owned by Stanislav Perminov
3rd: Lapp Reindeer Dog Suukkosuun Tulesta Temmattu
Owned by Sari Laitinen and Pinja Hiltunen

FCI Group 9 – Companion and Toy Dogs

Best of Group
Judge Norman Deschuymere, Belgium
1st: Black Standard Poodle Aleph American Idol
Owned by Charlotte Sandell, Betty Brown and Paula Morgan
2nd: Lhasa Apso Chic Choix Sky’s The Limit
Owned by Lauryna Rubikaite
3rd: Phalene Papillon Magic Sunrise Great Gentleman
Owned by Ilze Fraimane

Best Junior Group
Judge Laurent Pichard, Switzerland
1st: Black Toy Poodle Shantaram Hands Off
Owned by Alessandra Guiliani
2nd: Maltese Cinecitta’s Sasha Baron Colen
Owned by Stefano Paolantoni
3rd: Smooth Coat Chihuahua Dixie Dancer Di Rio Galeria
Owned by Paolo Tartaro