Group V – Spitz & Primitive Types


Best of Group

Judge: Hans van den Berg

The Netherlands


1st Place 

Siberian Husky

Snowmist’s Quicksilver Speigas

Owned by Kim Leblanc


2nd Place

Thai Ridgeback

Siam Grand Daeng-Nakorn by D-D-P

Owned by Elena Formanchuk


3rd Place

Norwegian Lundehund

Frontpage Frey

Owned by Karin Schulz


Best Junior Group

Judge: Phullis Poduschka-Aigner



1st Place


Justine Ekibondo

Owned by Dandongpei Allevamento


2nd Place 

Siberian Husky

Asti Dog House Silver Bell

Owned by Stanislav Perminov


3rd Place 

Lapp Reindeer Dog

Suukkosuun Tulesta Temmattu

Owned by Sari Laitinen and Pinja Hiltunen