YOUNG Kennel Club (YKC) members representing Team GB took home two overall bronze medals after competing in the European Open Junior Agility Championships in Slovakia for the first time.

Team GB Red – Belle Howlett and Leia, Sammy Pegg with Blaze, Adam Stretton and Jet and Daniel Croxford with Briar – won bronze in the large category overall, gold in the agility round, and was placed 24th in the jumping. Their combined scores meant they were able to take home the bronze medal for the large team overall.

Jack Ryan and Jet also won a bronze medal in the individual under 15s category. He came tenth in the jumping round the last day, which meant his total scores earned him third place overall.

Other successes included Team GB White which came second in the large team jumping round; Daniel Croxford with Bess who came third in the individual jumping small height category; and Cameron Bunce with Ziggy who came third in the agility junior medium height category.

In addition to the two overall bronze medals won by Team GB they also won a gold, silver and two bronze medals in the agility and jumping individual rounds.

The championships attracted hundreds of dogs and handlers from all over the world, with 24 countries represented at the competition including Russia and the US. This was the first time a junior team from Britain made up of YKC members has competed at the championships.

Team GB, which is sponsored by CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds and the Kennel Club, comprises manager Mark Laker, coach Paul Moore, team support Ann Roberts and assistant Sam Chapman.

“The team was absolutely brilliant,” Mr Laker said. “Coming home with bronze, silver and gold medals across all heights and age groups was fantastic.

“This has been an incredible introduction for Agility Team GB juniors to a top-level international competition, and we’re already looking forward to next year’s competition.”

Next year’s championships will be held in Luxembourg and run from July 13-16.