For years, those of us fighting the animal rights agenda have talked, shouted and screamed at the Dog Fancy – IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU. The ARs will lie, cheat, steal and destroy you. And now a breeder with 62 years in her breed, an AKC Breeder of the Year and more than 850 champions has been raided, had her dogs stolen and spayed/neutered and is facing charges of animal abuse. Why? She cropped her dogs ears herself. She couldn’t find a vet who could do the cropping properly, so she learned to do it herself.

You don’t crop ears, so this won’t affect you – right? WRONG!! The animal rights terrorists are opposed to cropping and docking and cutting dewclaws. How many of you do your own dewclaws or have friends who do? A simple snip at birth and done but the ARs are working to make that procedure something that only can be done by a vet. You want to haul newborns into a vet office and expose them to who knows what kind of infection. The ARs think showing dogs is abuse. These are mentally unbalanced people with an agenda and they sound “good” to the public. After all, no one would support abuse of animals and it’s the “humane society” or the ASPCA. But what is abuse to a whacko is simply animal husbandry to those who work and live with animals.  Of course, none of them ever seem to be opposed to the major surgery that rips out the reproductive organs of a dog despite 30 years of research showing that spay/neuter is unnecessary and possibly harmful by removing hormones necessary for long term health.

For many years, those of us who fight this war against the animal rights terrorists have told people if we don’t stand up to these bullies, if we try to placate them, if we give them an inch – they will come back for us. They have destroyed circuses. Now they are attacking zoos, rodeos, and equestrian events as abusive. For too long, the Dog Fancy has looked away and pretended they are above it all but now they are coming for us and they don’t care about a precious bloodline or big wins or beautiful ribbons or even health testing– they believe you are abusing dogs by putting them in crates, by making them show. They have little or no knowledge of dogs and consider them to be people in fur coats – furbabies, furkids. They “rescue” their dogs and are totally ignorant about the importations from foreign countries to fill those rescues and shelter kennels.

If you value your dogs and showing dogs, NOW is the time to step up. If you can contribute to the legal fund for the breeder, then do, PLEASE. If she wins her case it is a win for all of us and sets legal precedence that can help defend others.  Take the time to speak up – educate the public, talk to people. There’s a great book by Dr. Seuss about dog shows. We need that book in every school and public library. We need to get legislators to come to our shows and hand out those pretty ribbons – something every kennel club can do. Invite people to club meetings, dog shows and performance events even if they don’t join. Be POLITE to spectators at dog shows – take a moment to educate them about your breed and the sport. We need to present our sport as friendly, positive and welcoming.  Stop using the language of the animal rights propaganda in public – you didn’t rescue unless you ran into a burning building, jumped into a raging river or dodged bullets to get a dog. You “re-homed” a dog. Ignore the drama queens who rehome with drama about the abuse of the previous owner. It is not a furbaby or furkid – it is a DOG and that is an incredibly wonderful creature that gives unconditional love that no human could ever match. Honor your dog for what it is and don’t contribute to the propaganda of those who would destroy us.

Now is the time to take steps to protect yourself too – please don’t assume you are safe.   Below is some suggestions gathered by those who have been in this battle for ways to protect your dogs.



1. Know the laws for your country and state by finding and downloading the laws for your country and state for the animals you own.

2. Make sure you are in compliance with your laws. Your premises and dogs are in good order. Ask for help if you need it from family or friends from time to time if needed for reasons, you may fall behind for example an illness.

3. Make sure your paperwork is up to date and you keep at least copies of rabies records and vet records in one spot that is easily reached. Often hard drives are confiscated. It may be a good idea to make backups and keep off site with a friend or relative regarding your animal records. Consider using a laptop that can be easily moved. When something is deleted from your computer it can still be seen on the hard drive by a computer forensics examiner.


4. You need to have an attorney on standby or retainer, (especially if you have been harassed or threatened) who is adept in criminal and constitutional law and preferably who is sympathetic to the loss of rights of animal owners. It is very difficult to find an attorney who will handle a case where animal owner’s rights have been violated and even more difficult to find one after a person has been raided, mainly due to the emotional stress of the owner.


5. Make sure you have CURRENT photographs of you and your dogs, your kennel area and how it is set up, with various dogs and working with your dogs. (Same for all animals) HSUS and other animal rights organizations are getting more brazen in confiscation of farm animals. (hogs, chickens, and ducks, and horses in particular). The AR terrorists have been known to plant evidence during their raids.

6. Remember that the animal rights activist are veterinarians, animal control workers, and work in USDA as vets and head of animal health in some states and own private shelters in some cases and have seizing powers. If animals are seized from your property, chances are that all animals will be taken, and the possibility of recovery is unlikely, due to the high fees charged by a “shelter” or holding agency, for boarding fees, and a bond that sometimes is required, not counting attorney fees and court fees, even if found innocent the likelihood that one has the money to get their animals back is minimal. Often, they have already been spayed or neutered and/or already sold prior to owners being found guilty or not guilty. I will remind you that the law is not sympathetic to a so called “animal abuser” or “hoarder”, or a “puppy mill”. Even though there is no medical diagnosis for animal hoarder, rather a term “researched” by animal rights and the term perpetuated by animal rights activist as is “puppy mill”, which is now the term for anyone owning multiple animals who breeds dogs. Often on the internet and responses in the newspapers, people whose animals have been seized, “should burn in hell”! Realize this is a vegan animal rights social movement and people feel they have found a jest cause and are working overtime. We must be ready for the onslaught.

7. Document, document, document, any harassment by animal control, animal rights activist, phone calls, or unannounced visits by persons wanting to see your dogs. If your animals are confiscated sit down and document event as soon as possible while fresh in your memory. Make sure you get all names as possible and the agency they work for, what was said and their actions.

8. Make sure those names collected do not have or do have connections to animal rights activist organizations. We have found HSUS workers and key activists, now working in key cities in animal control and in USDA in animal health. I ask names and addresses from anyone coming to the property and run their names in a search to see if they have any connections to animal rights groups.

9. Know if your city runs animal control and if connected with an animal hospital, under the sheriff’s office, aligned with prosecutor’s office and animal rights organization. These present risky confiscations as the sheriff, prosecutor, animal control and vets work together for a confiscation, and not above lying to win a case of animal abuse. The key phrases used are “overwhelming smell”, “dead animal”, “no food or water for animal”, “matted coat, standing in feces and urine”, teeth in bad shape, and “parasite infested, no treatment by veterinarian, and flea infestation” and “long toenails”. Take the time to get to KNOW the people who work in animal control, etc. for your area – donations can put them on your side.

10. If your city runs animal control and vet hospital and is associated with an animal rights organization, sheriff’s office, prosecutor’s office, one may find county minutes that refer to animal control and any problems they may have in the past. These can be found online under country government, meeting minutes. They will back each other. Knowledge is power and can help you defend yourself.

11. Make sure your kennel area and floor is cleaned at night, most of the raids will take place in the morning, keep exercise yard picked up of feces and know the proper disposition according to law regarding feces disposal. Clean any crates and change bedding in the a.m. and clean all feeding and water dishes. It is easier to keep up every day. If you fall behind because of – illness, ask for help. If you can afford it hire help for two or three hours a week and if you cannot ask for help from family or friends. Dog clubs should keep up with older members and make sure they are not getting into a bad situation.
12. Anything that can be seen by prospective buyers which many times may not be prospective buyers at all can be reported as abuse. Be careful about what can be seen if you entertain prospective buyers in your home to see puppies. Please realize that abuse to some animals is not abuse to others. Example: Old horse on premises certainly looks abused at the end stage of life, a few fleas is not abuse, animals are rarely parasite free nor humans for that matter. If your adults tend to mat, cut them down into a cute cut. Long toenails is not abuse but curling could be seen as abuse. Be aware that abuse is in the mind of person and is variable and remember that what is seen can be reported whether it is really abuse or not.