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By: Patrick Mascoe Montreal has long been considered Canada’s cultural capital and may very well be one of North America’s most beautiful and interesting cities. It is warm and inviting, as well as multicultural and cosmopolitan. French is the city’s official language, creating the illusion that Montreal is more of…

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PBC on Spike TV Results: Stevenson Wrecks Williams in 4 By: Matthew N. Becher Live from the Centre Videotron in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, Premier Boxing Championship showcased a night of Light heavyweights, including one of the reigning world champions. Photo Credit: Dave Nadkarni/Premier Boxing Champions In the lead up…

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Biyarslanov Aiming to Make History in the Olympics By: Ed Hitchins When Canadian Olympian Arthur Biyarslanov first took up boxing, he never thought of a gold medal. He thought of ways to get out of it. “I really sucked,” recalls the 21-year-old. “I don’t like doing something I’m not good…

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New Toronto Promoter Hoping to Follow Quebec’s Lead By: Ed Hitchins When Ryan Frazer talks about boxing in Canada, he points to one place known for its resounding success. “Quebec has winners,” Frazer says. “David Lemieux has been around the world and back. Otis and Howard Grant. Their commission supports…

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